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Hey Global Seducer,

I’ve got 2 words for you…

“Social Rebel”


No, I’m not talking about you. I’m talking about HER

If she considers herself a social rebel, then there’s a MUCH higher likelihood that she’s into older guys. 



Well think about it for a second…

The social rebel likes to go against the Grain. The social rebel likes to be… *drumroll*...REBELLIOUS. 

And what’s more rebellious than dating a MUCH older man? 

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Not only does she enjoy the shock value of it, but dating a much older man helps to  reinforce her own perception of herself:

She’s wild, untamed, and “takes the road less traveled”.

Make sense?


Naturally, the next question is “how do you SPOT the social rebel, and more importantly, how do you APPROACH her?” 

The answers to those questions are right here:

inside Bill Grant’s brand new, super controversial video.

Check it out, before mean old ladies get it taken down forever. 

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