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RISE: Your Antidote to the Pandemic

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The Rise: Your Antidote to the Pandemic Funnel

Rise Long-Form Sales Letter

Initial Offer for $39.99:

  • RISE Module 1: Instant Stress Relief Techniques (39 minutes)
  • RISE Module 2: Break the Vicious Worry Cycle (29 minutes)
  • RISE Module 3: Immune System Booster (25 minutes)
  • RISE Module 4: Crush Your Anxiety and Handle Your Panic Attacks (23 minutes)
  • RISE Module 5: Stop Your Body From Deteriorating (31 minutes) 
  • RISE Module 6: Sleep When the Virus Doesn’t Let You Sleep (34 minutes)
  • RISE Module 7: Find True Happiness During the Depression (26 minutes)
  • RISE Module 8: Thrive During Isolation (20 minutes)
  • Bonus 1: Interview with Health Expert and Researcher Matt Cook (40 minutes)
  • Bonus 2: The 12 Mindsets of a Man Who Comes Out Stronger On the Other Side Audio Course (31 minutes)
  • Bonus 3: How to Start a Lifestyle Business that Makes at least $1000 per month PDF Report (10 Pages)

Order Bump (Bump Offer) for $37:

  • Calmness in Isolation Meditation
  • Free from Fear Meditation
  • Money-Making Ideas Meditation
  • Peace of Mind Meditation
  • Sleep Solution Meditation
  • Stress Resilience Meditation
  • Strong Immune System Meditation

Upsell Offer for $19.99:

  • The Superior Confidence System, consisting of a 53-minute audio course, a cheat sheet, a confidence meditation, social freedom exercises, and a bonus interview with a professional Escort for $19.99

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Subject 1: It Doesn’t Matter What You Believe BUT Believe THIS

Subject 2: Will You Allow It to Crush and Destroy You?


It doesn’t matter what theory you believe in.

It doesn’t matter where you think this damn virus is coming from.

It also doesn’t matter if you believe that it’s a force of nature or that it’s all planned.

But believe this…

This pandemic is either the biggest opportunity of your life.

Or it will eat you alive.

Most men will suffer tremendously…and I’m not talking about catching the V.

I’m talking about…

Job loss!


Death of loved ones!

Sleepless nights!

High stress level and as a result…an immune system that is lower than the Badwater Basin in Death Valley National Park.

That’s the result of our new reality.

And for most men it’s a terrifying, a fear-inducing reality.

But for some chosen men, this is the biggest opportunity of their life.

Which of these men are YOU? (YOUR LINK)


Subject 1: Be in the 1.5% of survivors

Subject 2: Only 1.5% will make it to the other side

Hey Survivor,

Or should I rather call you quitter?

I can already smell your rage.

“How dare you to call me a quitter!” I hear you screaming!

Prove it. Come on. Prove it.

What I see most men doing right now falls into the category of quitting.

Every second post on reddit is “day X of quarantine” with some moron who’s proud of himself for finishing a puzzle or for drinking three bottles of beer in under a minute.

What an accomplishment…bravo…bravissimo!

That’s what 98.5% of men do during this pandemic.

They complain. They use it as an excuse to watch Netflix. And they upload stupid videos on reddit.

What about you?

Are you one of these 98.5% of men?

Or do you want to be one of the 1.5% who THRIVE, who CRUSH it, and who SUCCEED during this pandemic?

The choice is yours.

I can’t make this choice for you. You have to make it.

It’s your choice if your new reality consists of insomnia, depression and anxiety…

Or if you want to reach your full potential, become the best version of yourself, and make more money than you have before the lockdown.

That’s what the men who belong to the 1.5% group are ALREADY doing.

Click here if you want to be a part of the 1.5%.  (YOUR LINK)



Subject 1: Can you do what a 113-year-old woman did?

Subject 2: Is the oldest pandemic survivor stronger than YOU?

Hey Young Man,

Yes, I call you young man.

No matter if you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s…heck, even if you are 100 years old…

You are young!

In comparison to Maria Branyas, you are young.

She is 113 years old, has survived two World Wars and the Spanish flu.

Then she got infected with the virus that is currently circulating through every country in the world.

Everyone KNEW that she only had a few more days to live.

Everyone KNEW that she could not possibly survive this.

But she did.

Yes, this 113-year-old woman survived.

“This is insane!”

“This is absolutely impossible!”

That’s what small-minded people all over the world were screaming.

I say:

Nothing is impossible if you have the right knowledge, a strong believe, and the right tools.

That’s the result of preparation.

And this woman was prepared because she had experienced this before during the Spanish flu.

You and I aren’t.

For us these are new and very uncertain times.   

It is your responsibility to yourself, to your family and to your community to be prepared. (YOUR LINK)


Subject 1: This just broke my heart

Subject 2: Don’t be one of 75.000 who don’t make it

Hello NAME,

I read this shocking headline on a news site today:

Half a million access suicide prevention course

The article continues…

More than half a million people have accessed online training that aims to prevent suicide in the last three weeks alone, a charity has said.

The Zero Suicide Alliance said 503,000 users completed its online course during lockdown. It aims to help spot the signs that a person may need help.

This is scary. This is very, very scary.

The BBC, The New York Times, CBS…everyone is talking about the deadly result of the pandemic that could kill more than the pandemic.

CBS News even writes that the pandemic may lead to 75.000 deaths of despair.

Don’t allow this to happen to you! (YOUR LINK)


Subject 1: How to make the most out of the pandemic

Subject 2: How to make the most out of the lockdown

Hey Survivor,

Yes, you!

You are a survivor…at least I hope you are.

In case I am wrong the thunder may hit me in the balls.

What do survivors do during the lockdown?

Nope, they don’t watch Netflix all day and they also don’t ruin their health with alcohol, chips, and delivery pizza.

Survivors know how to relieve stress.

Survivors break the vicious worry cycle.

Survivors boost their immune system.

Survivors crush their anxiety and handle their panic attacks.

Survivors stop their body from deteriorating.

Survivors sleep when the virus doesn’t sleep.

Survivors find true happiness during the pandemic.

Survivors thrive during isolation.


 I’m still not sure if you are a survivor or somebody who gives up when the sea is rough. 

Let’s find out… (YOUR LINK)

Do You Have Questions? Contact Me!


Sebastian Harris

Your Friend and Coach,
Sebastian Harris 

If you have any questions, remember that you can contact me at any time via email at sebastian@

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