Overcome Your Approach Anxiety & Gain the Power to Approach Beautiful Women in a 60-Minute Remote Daygame Coaching

"I know that I look quite young but I'm actually in my 30s and I have over a decade of experience as a certified coach and hypnotist"

This is What Happens When You Combine a One-on-One Infield Coaching With a Skype Coaching Session

Allow me to be the certified coach who will give you the skills to approach any woman you want WITHOUT you having to travel anywhere:

And allow me to use my experience as a confidence coach to turn you into the confident, attractive, and skilled seducer you always wanted to be: 

What would it feel like to have done at least 10 successful approaches in just 60 minutes?

Remote Daygame Coaching is kinda like a mini One-on-One Infield Coaching. The only difference is that we do it remotely, which means it is MORE CONVENIENT and MORE AFFORDABLE for you. 

Remote Daygame Coaching is perfect for you if you want to finally be able to approach any woman you want WITHOUT hesitation and WITHOUT fear...and...

  • You don't have the money to pay the travel expenses and the coaching fee for a One-on-One Infield Coaching.
  • You live in the USA, Canada, Australia or any other part of the world that makes traveling to Europe (where I offer One-on-One Infield Coaching) inconvenient for you. 
  • You want to overcome your approach anxiety and get real-time feedback from me in YOUR city so that you are perfectly prepared to approach and attract women in YOUR area. 

Sounds good?

Then let's approach beautiful women together: 

The price for a 60-minute Remote Daygame Coaching Session:


€200 EUR

YOUR PRICE TODAY (Special Promotion for a Limited Time):

 €150 EUR

(Exclusive discount for men who have invested in Rise of the Phoenix)

Here's what we'll do in our 60-minute Remote Daygame Coaching Session:

  • I help you to overcome your approach anxiety with highly effective social freedom exercises that I previously only shared with my One-on-One Infield Coaching Clients.
  • I tell you which women to approach, what to say and how you can get their phone numbers...and you WILL approach these women because I'm right here with you.
  • I listen to your interactions and give you live feedback regarding the words you choose, your tonality, your confidence and all other areas in which you might need to improve.

All you need is a smartphone, headphones, and the motivation to finally overcome your approach anxiety and to approach women with my guidance, help, and support.

And remember the 3 steps of a successful Remote Daygame Coaching Session:

  • Position yourself in a busy mall or shopping street with lots of beautiful women at the time when our Remote Daygame Coaching begins.
  • Have your smartphone and headphones ready and make sure that you have a stable internet connection.
  • Be motivated to overcome your approach anxiety and to approach A LOT of beautiful women.

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What leading dating experts are saying about my coaching:

Sebastian is a great teacher who has been faced with many challenges in his life. He helps men with the same determination that allowed him to become an expert in the dating field. It's a pleasure to work together with him

Marni Kinrys 

Being a dating expert myself I can say that Sebastian knows what he's talking about. Talking to him for more than five minutes will show you that dating is his topic of expertise

Bobby Rio
TSB Magazine                 

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