30-Day Global Seducer Mentorship Program

It's your choice...


  • You could text me before every date and I give you the confidence boost you need to get her in bed faster than you can possibly imagine. 
  • You could let me know before you go out and approach women and I'll guide you through the different steps from the first eye-contact to the number close...and beyond.
  • You knew exactly what to text her because I send you the perfect text message template for your individual situation.
  • You were able to start and establish a captivating conversation on your next date because I let you know what this specific woman most likely responds well to.
  • You could text me right before a woman comes to your place and we go through every aspect of the evening, step-by-step, so that you'll be able to seduce her. 
  • You became more and more self-confident every day because no matter if you are struggling with approaching, online dating, or getting the first date...I'm here to help you and we can create an effective dating strategy for EVERY possible scenario.
  • Having a dating coach with more than one decade of experience as your mentor who answers all of your questions every day and gives you constant feedback so that it will become impossible for you to not improve on many levels.  

Be honest with yourself...

"How much time did you already waste trying to figure it out alone while you are STILL NOT getting the results you want?"

  • Have you wasted weeks NOT approaching women even though you want nothing more than to walk up to the women you are attracted to and speak your truth as a man?
  • Have you wasted months reading and watching pickup and seduction material without EVER putting any of the advice into practice? 
  • Do you look back at the past years and make the painful realization that you wasted years not getting any closer to where you want to be in life and when it comes to your success with women?

I've been in the EXACT same situation that you are trapped in right now:

  • I didn't hold myself accountable and I had NOBODY who held me accountable.
  • I had nobody to talk to in the moments when I needed help and guidance the most.
  • I wasted years of my life making the same lame excuses while I accomplished absolutely NOTHING...

...until I found MY two mentors Sasha Daygame and James Marshall from The Natural Lifestyles and other incredible men who inspired me and guided me until I finally reached a level of success in my dating life that exceeded not only my expectations but also the expectations of my mentors.

Global seducer mentors

Alan Roger Currie, Steve Pavlina, Sasha Daygame, and James Marshall...and I

"It would be an honor for me if you allowed me to mentor you on your journey towards greatness."

Here's how the 30-Day Mentorship Program works:

  • You send me your inquiry email (scroll down a bit to see the simple instructions).
  • I get back to you within 24 hours and we'll schedule a FREE 15-Minute call in which I share more details about the 30-Day Mentorship Program with you.
  • You decide to join the 30-Day Mentorship Program, get access to my WhatsApp (or another messenger app of your choice) and you can ask me multiple messages EVERY DAY....and you have someone who holds you accountable and makes sure that you finally experience the success with women that you've always dreamed of.

But before you send me your inquiry email I have to ask you an important question:

"Are you a good fit for the 30-Day Mentorship Program?"

  • You are a coachable action-taker who is dedicated to succeeding with women. You are willing to follow my guidance, you appreciate honest feedback, and you stop making excuses for yourself. I'm 100% dedicated to your success and you should have the same attitude. 
  • You see seduction as a holistic concept and you are willing to improve all areas of your life which can easily lead to more financial success, a better social life, and incredible opportunities for you. But you have to be willing to put in the work AND you have to be willing to meet women from a healthy place of love & curiosity
  • You are willing to invest in yourself and you are not a freebie seeker who is desperately looking for the cheapest option. As the high-value man that you are you want THE BEST option and you know that making an investment in yourself RIGHT NOW creates the successful, fearless, and fulfilled FUTURE 2.0 VERSION of you.

"Are you ready to make the next 30 days THE BEST 30 days of your life?"

Now send me your inquiry email with the subject line "mentorship" and you'll hear from me within 24 hours:

sebastian@ globalseducer.com

"Do you still have questions?"

Feel free to send me an email at sebastian@ globalseducer.com. I promise that I won't bite and that I will reply within 24 hours...even if I have to kick a hot girl out of my bed to reply to you.

Sebastian Harris

Your Friend and Coach,

Sebastian Harris

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