The Secret Society Elite Program is for Every Man Who Wants to Enjoy 2-3 Dates a Week With Beautiful Women WITHOUT Fear of Rejection

I still remember the day...

My first relationship had ended.

The only woman who had ever kissed me.


The only woman who had ever slept with me.

No longer in my life.

  • I felt lonely.
  • I felt helpless.
  • I felt hopeless.

I still remember the day...

When I was crying on the floor of my tiny apartment in my small German hometown.

One thing was clear to me:

I would never be able to attract a woman who is as beautiful as her...ever...again.

I was 100% convinced that the only form of connection with a woman I would ever experience again was while my eyes are glued to a screen while watching porn.

Now you might be asking yourself:

"Sebastian, how could you have been so sure about that?"


  • All I could see when I was looking into the mirror was an ugly monster with more scars than woman would ever want to touch something this disgusting. In addition to that, I had a baby face that left people in shock when I revealed that I was older than 18 (As you can see in the picture I still have my baby face...yes I'm in my 30s now).
  • The thought of walking up to a woman and approaching her sent shivers down my spine and made me want to throw up.
  • Oh, and it didn't help that I was born and raised in Germany...a country in which everyone is obsessed of what other people think of them ("what will people think!" is one of the most popular phrases in German)...which means that the idea of social freedom and expressing myself was not even a part of my reality.

I was completely lost...

That was more than 10 years ago (God, I'm getting old).

Fast forward to today and my once self-loathing, shy, insecure, helpless and a times suicidal self has turned into a life-affirming, confident, self-loving man who has seduced women from all over the world and has made more unforgettable memories than a busy Polaroid Camera.

How was this transformation even possible?

  • I did so much inner work that I no longer see an ugly monster when I look into the mirror. I see a strong and powerful man who is worthy of being desired and loved...and that's exactly the reflection that women see.
  • I stepped out of my comfort zone again and fact...I expanded it so much until it exploded. Today the thought of walking up to a model and approaching her makes me smile and gives me a sense of incredible peace.
  • Oh, and through this journey of self-discovery, self-improvement and self-realization, I coached hundreds of men in private Skype Coaching Sessions AND by 2023 I have helped men from 18 countries (yep, I counted it) to overcome their approach anxiety in One-on-One infield Coachings.

After all these changed lives, tears of joy from grateful clients who let go of decades of fears, limiting beliefs and insecurities and of course countless orgasms (Sometimes I have to laugh when I think about how many orgasms I'm responsible for by helping men to overcome their deepest fears and most crippling limitations)...

...after all these years I'm ready for my next challenge:

I'm ready to introduce you to the Secret Society of 1% Men who are better at seducing and dating women than 99% of average Joe's (no offense if your name is Joe).

And as a certified coach accredited by the ICF, I'm committed to helping you to achieve greatness:

As a Hypnotist who is certified by the American Alliance of Hypnotists and in Neo-Ericksonian Hypnosis, I'm excited to provide you and your subconscious mind with superpowers that make you more attractive that you could now possibly imagine:

And as a certified Confidence Coach who has helped men from 18 countries to change their lives in One-on-One Infield Coachings, I feel honored to help you to supercharge your confidence and to accelerate your personal growth as a man and as a seducer: 

Now I want to ask you:

  • Are you ready to master every aspect of the art of seduction?
  • Are you ready to live your life on YOUR terms in complete freedom?
  • Are you ready to go on more dates and have more opportunities to sleep with beautiful women or find a loyal girlfriend than you can possibly imagine?

If you answer only ONE of these questions with "yes!", the...

Secret Society Elite Coaching Program

...will change not only your dating life but EVERY aspect of your life forever.

How can I be so sure about that?

I receive at least one email or WhatsApp message every week from one of my clients who is now making way more money than before he started working with me because his newfound confidence made him...

  • Ask his boss for a raise in such a confident way that he got it!
  • Apply for his dream job that allows him to work remotely (traveling the world and dating beautiful women can be so much fun) while he earns way more than in his old job.
  • Finally start the business he always dreamed of starting but was always afraid of and now he's absolutely killing it.

That's just a convenient side effect of mastering the art of seduction.

But let's focus on your dating life...

"Do you have what it takes to talk to her?"

In fact, let's focus on YOU!

Is the Secret Society Elite Program the right coaching program for you?

Yes, but only if...

  • You are a fairly successful man and established in your career or your business. As the high-achieving man that you are, you value what coaching can offer you in regards to your personal growth and you are excited to invest in yourself.
  • You are committed to achieving greatness. You are ready to put in the work and to do whatever it takes to become the best version of yourself and to master the art of seduction.
  • You are an avid learner and the idea of working on yourself and your future in between the 8 private coaching sessions we will have together over the course of the next two months makes you excited. In other words, you are coachable.

Now let's have a look at your current situation.

How would you feel if a woman like her admired you, desired you, and wanted to sleep with you?

At least one of the following sentences describe you and your dating life: 

  • "I'm sick and tired of my mind playing tricks on me by making me feel unattractive, afraid and unworthy of love & affection from beautiful women."
  • "I currently don't have the dating options that I truly want and it's honestly frustrating. In fact, if I'm really honest with myself I would have not stayed with my ex-girlfriend for so long if I had had the options to date the most beautiful women in the world."
  • "I don't even feel like a real man. I feel like I'm wasting my precious lifetime NOT dating the women I really want to date and NOT making the unforgettable memories I dream of. I'm dabbling in this whole "seducting thing" for years but I still haven't taken any action yet."

This is about to change.

Your whole life is about to change.

But in order for that to happen you have to become a member of the Secret Society.

Now have a look at what you'll learn, practice and master during the next 8 weeks (This 8-Week Coaching Program consists of eight private One-on-One 60-Minute Coaching Sessions):


  • I share the 3 Seduction Success Mindsets for Fast Change and even faster results with you that I have previously only shared with a selected group of clients...and you will learn how to integrate them into your daily life.
  • We work on setting the right goals that allow you to become the best version of yourself as a man, a seducer and a lover of women.
  • We discuss the concept and importance of frames and frame control before I reveal easy ways how you can make sure that you will NEVER lose your frame during an approach, on a date and even in a relationship no matter what happens in your external world.
  • I share an incredible powerful "Frame Jumping" technique with you that I learned from a method acting teacher years ago and that still serves me well today in regards to increasing my confidence, charm and charisma.


  • We take a close and honest look at ways how you can maximize your physical appearance with style, diet, exercise and self-care.
  • I share practical exercises with you that allow you to tremendously improve your body language and to instantly become more attractive to even the most beautiful women.
  • We discuss the 4 Pillars of Masculine Energy and how you can use them to feel more manly (even if you have a baby face like me) and be perceived as more manly (and more attractive) by women.
  • You tap into your masculine energy during a quick but powerful "Maculine Energy Activation Meditation" that has the potential to change your life because you'll be able to repeat this exercise whenever you want after we practiced it once.


  • We evaluate your current level of confidence and I share actionable tips with you in the form of my "7 Confidence Changers" that make it possible for you to become the most confident version of yourself during the time of this coaching program.
  • You become aware of all the amazing qualities that you already possess and we create an actionable step-by-step plan for you to reach an even higher level of confidence by creating a higher and better version of yourself.
  • I reveal THE EXACT words, sentences, and phrases of empowerment that I used to become the most confident and fearless version of myself (I previously only shared this with my one-on-one infield coaching clients).
  • You experience what it feels like to be confident beyond measure and fearless without limitations during a Confidence- Boosting Hypnosis in which we anchor this state so that you'll be able to access it whenever you want.


  • I share the 4 Parts of the Perfect Daygame Approach with you...including a word-for word script, an easy-to-follow blueprint and the most common attraction signs you must look out for BEFORE and DURING the first couple of seconds of approaching a woman.
  • We practice different Daygame Approach Scenarios together as part of an educational role play in the exact way I saw them play out during countless One-on-One infield Coachings.
  • I share the "7 Secrets of Successful Night Game" with you and teach you everything I know about night game openers, energy control, logistics and closing.
  • We practice different Night Game Escalation Scenarios that I have seen over the last decade as a coach and how you can make her literally beg you to take her home...yes, also if her friend tries to cockblock you.


  • We analyze your current social circle situation and develop creative ideas how you can expand your social circle, connect with more interesting men, and climb the social hierarchy in your local area.
  • I share the 3 Social Boost Principles I followed to improve my opportunities to meet incredibly beautiful women via my social circle and how I replicated these principles in multiple countries and on different continents.
  • We discuss the "Social Circle Value" Principle, the "Niche Optimization" Principle, and the "Role Relationship" Principle which combined together help you to create the social circle that is in alignment with your values and goals.
  • I show you how to develop the social skills and the leadership skills that allow you to step into the archetype of the "Collecting Mentor" which allows you to easily draw new male friends (and hot girls) into your social circle and make them want to be close to you and learn from you.


  • We analyze your current online dating profile (in case you already have one) in regards to your profile pictures, your headline and your profile description. In case you don't have an online dating profile yet, we'll create one for you that will get you attention, matches and messages from beautiful women.
  • I show you how to write personalized messages that make women feel appreciated and excited when they open them (This alone can easily triple your response rate on online dating sites and apps).
  • We discuss the 4 Fatal Mistakes that men make when messaging girls online and texting girls (I'm sure you've made at least one of them in the last 30 days) and what kind of admittedly weird but effective texts women really respond to.
  • You learn simple yet powerful copywriting techniques that I learned (and used countless times) while reading over 20 books about copywriting...and how you can specifically use these powerful copywriting techniques when messaging girls online AND when texting girls.


  • I share all the fun "First Date Preparation" exercises and mindsets with you that I personally use when I want to feel invincible before and during a first date.
  • We develop ideas for the perfect first date venues and "Out of the Box" first date ideas in YOUR city that you have never even considered. Oh, and I reveal exactly why certain venues on our Date Venue List beat other venues hands down.
  • I show you how to plan the perfect first date, control the frame and trajectory on a date and how you can use the power of social proof and "High Value Logistics" to make her want to get back to your place.
  • You learn how to break the touch barrier in a playful way that makes her feel at ease and turned on at the same time...while simultaneously creating a strong emotional connection with her that makes her heart and her subconscious mind take things further with you.


  • You learn about the power of using Memory Creation as a way to make ANY WOMAN fall in love with you within only a couple of days.
  • We practice different scenarios AFTER the first, second and third date that allow you to bond her to you in a way that she has never experienced before. 
  • You learn how to combine the art of continuing the seduction in the relationship with developing the emotional intelligence and self-awareness to create a healthy fulfilling relationship. 
  • We discuss different Relationship Dynamics that most men handle completely wrong and how you can show her in these moments that you are the strong masculine man that she always dreamed of dating. 


During the 8 weeks of The Secret Society Elite Program, you also get unlimited WhatsApp mentoring and messaging support from me because I will do everything in my power to help you to succeed at becoming the man and seducer you always dreamed of becoming.

The moment you join this transformational 8-Week Coaching Program, you get immediate access to my private WhatsApp number. Whenever you feel like giving up or whenever you feel overwhelmed, I'm here for you and ready to motivate you, inspire you, and remind you that an incredible dating life with unlimited options and unforgettable adventures is waiting for you.

Are you ready to completely transform your dating life, in ONLY 8 weeks, become a 1% Man, and experience what having options and getting chased by women feels like?

Amazing men like you have already experienced incredible transformations during their coaching journey with me...

Here's what Daniele from Italy has to say about his coaching experience:

Here's what Fred from Germany has to say about his coaching experience:

Here's what Elijah from the USA has to say about his coaching experience:

Here's what Thomas from Germany has to say about his coaching experience:

Here's what Lawrence from the USA has to say about his coaching experience:

Here's what Jan has to say about his coaching experience:

Here's what Adam from Canada has to say about his coaching experience:

Here's what Patrick from Germany has to say about his coaching experience:

What leading dating experts are saying about me:

Sebastian is a great teacher who has been faced with many challenges in his life. He helps men with the same determination that allowed him to become an expert in the dating field. It's a pleasure to work together with him

Marni Kinrys

Being a dating expert myself I can say that Sebastian knows what he's talking about. Talking to him for more than five minutes will show you that dating is his topic of expertise

Bobby Rio
TSB Magazine                 

Now you have to make a decision.

  • You can continue to NOT approach all the beautiful girls you see day in and day out because you allow your fears to dominate, cripple and sabotage you AGAIN.
  • You can continue NOT feeling confident, NOT feeling attractive, and NOT feeling worthy of dating beautiful women and sleeping with them and your reality (just like it does now) will be a reflecting of this.
  • You can continue to live your life the way you are living it now WITHOUT EVER experiencing what it feels like to have true choice and unlimited options with dating and women.

Or you can say "yes!" to the opportunity to completely transform your dating life, step into a whole new reality, and discover how it feels like to live your life on your own terms....completely fearless and limitless...during the next 8-weeks of the...

Secret Society Elite Coaching Program

Here's the next step you can take RIGHT NOW to change your dating life forever:

  • Fill out the inquiry form below and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.
  • We'll schedule a FREE 30-Minute call in which I share more details about the 8-Week Secret Society Elite Program.
  • We will transform your dating life one session at the time and make sure that you are a completely new man who experiences results that you could previously only dream of after the 8 weeks we spend together.
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  • The legendary Alan Roger Currie (Rest in Peace) shares his incredibly powerful Mode One Attraction Secrets in a never-before-published Interview that was recorded approximately two years before his passing. (61 Minutes, Valued at $29)
  • Tripp Kramer, who is undoubtedly one of the world's most famous dating coaches (with more than ONE MILLION Subscribers on YouTube) shares his best strategies to become more confident and naturally attract the most beautiful girls. (37 Minutes, Valued at $29)
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  • The man behind the incredibly popular YouTube Channel (3.16 MILLION Subscribers) To Catch a Cheater, Luis Mercado, shares his insights about dating, lifestyle design, and leveling up as a man during an interview in which he also shares some pretty raunchy personal stories. (49 Minutes, Valued at $29)
  • Daygame Expert James Tusk shares the best countries and cities for daygame and which place you absolutely must visit if you want to have the opportunity to date hundreds of stunning models (I had never heard of this place before). (39 Minutes, Valued at $29) 
  • I had an intersting call with Matt Artisan from The Attractive Man that resulted in an interview about attraction secrets, lifestyle optimation, daygame, and finding the right women. (41 Minutes, Valued at $29) 
  • My Mentor Sasha Daygame shares his best methods and techniques to step out of your comfort zone, overcome your fears, and reach a state of complete social freedom (these are the exact techniques he taught me on my infield coaching years ago). (42 Minutes, Valued at $29).

The complete package of Exclusive Expert Interviews is Valued at $319 and you get it completely for FREE by saying "yes!" to the Secret Society Elite Coaching Program.

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  • In the 7 NLP Techniques That Will Change Your (Dating) Life Report I share 7 highly effectice techniques with you that are based on the teachings of Neurolinguistic Programming that you can use to magnetically attract women and to improve every aspect of your life. (11 Pages, Valued at $19)
  • In the 21 Qualities and Skills of a Leader That Women Want to Follow Report I share specific skills and qualities with you that every successful leader in history posessed and that allow you to make women feel comfortable and aroused in your presence. (12 Pages, Valued at $19)
  • In the 27 Sales Techniques That Make You a Better Seducer Report I share highly effective sales techniques with you and I show you how to use them in the context of meeting and attracting the most beautiful women...and yes, you are the product you want to sell. (16 Pages, Valued at $19)
  • In the 37 Preframes That Allow You to Dominate Every Approach Report I share powerful preframes that you can use whenever you approach a woman to make her feel comfortable in your presence and to guarantee that she'll stop for you. (8 Pages, Valued at $19)
  • In the 101 Conversation Topics Report I share 101  emotionally stimulating conversation topics with you that allow you to hook women during the approach and on the first date. (13 Pages, Valued at $19)
  • In the 101 Field-Tested Compliments Report I share 101 compliments with you that are proven to work and that you can use in ANY situation and WHENEVER you want to approach a woman. (11 Pages, Valued at $19)
  • In the Assumptions Report I share 33 assumptions with you that you can use during your next daygame session...these assumptions are designed to make women engage in a conversation with you and to make them laugh. (5 Pages, Valued at $19)
  • In the Qualifications Report I share 21 ways to qualify a woman that will inevitably make her more attracted to you and convince her subconscious mind that she has to make an effort to impress you. (6 Pages, Valued at $19)
  • In the Sebastian's Workout Routine Report I share the exact workout routine that helped me to transform myself from a skinny leaf into a guy with a naturally atheltic body that resembles Brad Pitt from the movie Fight Club...which is the EXACT body type that girls rate as the most attractive. (3 Pages, Valued at $19)

The complete package of Life-Changing Special Reports is Valued at $171 and you get it completely for FREE by saying "yes!" to the Secret Society Elite Coaching Program.

Special Bonus 3:  8 Previously Unpublished Webinars

  • The Foundation for Seductive Development Webinar teaches you the principles, mindsets and habits that every Master Seducer MUST understand and internalize (39 Minutes Video, Valued at $49)
  • The Girlfriend Decision - Single Life vs. Relationship Life Webinar teaches you how you can decide which of these two lifestyles are perfect for you once you are easy able to get 2-3 dates with beautiful women after completing the Secret Society Elite Coaching Program. (43 Minutes Video, Valued at $49)
  • The Hobbies & Activities That Make You Irresistible to Women Webinar teaches you how to choose hobbies that are fun, turn you into a High Value Man, and naturally attract beautiful women (43 Minutes Video, Valued at $49)
  • The Male Dominance Hierarchy & Global Dating Webinar teaches you how to EASILY climb on top of the social dominance hierarchy locally, nationally, and globally by using the Macro and Micro approach. (42 Minutes Video, Valued at $49)
  • The Missing Pieces to a Lifestyle That Women are Drawn to Webinar teaches you how to design your lifestyle in a way that leads to more fulfillment in your life, more opportunities to meet women and that inevitably makes beautiful women notice you AND approach you more. (41 Minutes Video, Valued at $49)
  • The Principles of Effective Sexual Leadership Webinar teaches you how to be the leader outside the bedroom and in the bedroom that the hottest women desire by tapping into your dominant masculine energy and embracing your sexual energy. (38 Minutes Video, Valued at $49)
  • The Secrets to Attracting Much Younger Women Webinar teaches you how you can easily attract gorgeous women in their 20s for short-term adventures and long-term relationships AND how you can give them EXACTLY what they want in the bedroom (38 Minutes Video, Valued at $49)
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Yes, you get exclusive bonuses that have a combined worth of $882 completely for FREE as soon as you join the Secret Society Elite Coaching Program!

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