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Achieve the physical perfection of an Ageless Warrior:

  • The #1 breakfast mistake that is based on Dr. Jordan Peterson’s research (Hint: It has NOTHING to do with Dr. Peterson’s diet but it helped me to increase my mood and it helped my overweight coaching clients to lose a lot of weight ULTRA FAST).
  • 99% of men believe that working out HARD leads to HARD six-pack abs, right? Wrong! (I prove it to you in the first 5 minutes).
  • A scientifically proven way to DRASTICALLY improve your skin, your mental health, and your physical health by NOT eating the one thing almost every human being eats multiple times a day.
  • How to “trick” your muscles into growing by manipulating your required rest time to your advantage (I use this strategy for years).
  • Speaking of muscle growth…I reveal the real reason why you should NEVER work out at the time ALL your friends hit the gym (Hint: it has to do with optimal protein synthesis)
  • Why you should never say “the weather sucks, now I…”
  • Why sticking to your workout routine is the WORST idea if you want to achieve tremendous muscle growth (Simply use Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best kept secret to win Mr. Olympia & Mr. Universe).
  • How to prevent premature aging & loss of testosterone with a simple habit that naturally regulates your stress levels.
    4 Lies you’ve been told about the way 99% of men consume food on a daily basis.

Achieve financial abundance of an Ageless Warrior:

  • The incredible investing secret that allows me to CONSISTENTLY achieve a return on investment of 6-8% on my invested money (Hint: It’s not a stock, has NOTHING to do with crypto currency, and the dividends are HIGH).
  • A sneaky way to save way more money FASTER than you’ve ever saved in your entire life (This principle is based on entrepreneur and business guru Gary Vee’s philosophy but he does NOT do it himself).
  • Four words that allow me to NEVER spend more than $1.000 a month while eating out AT LEAST two times a day every day…and how YOU can copy my strategy in less than 5 seconds.
  • The Scrooge McDuck secret most men are too proud to use that makes it EASY for you to save 18% more money compared to what you are currently saving.
  • A ruthless way to avoid the pain of bitter regret so many men have to face in their 60s because they are NOT able to retire where they want to retire (It’s more fun than work).
  • The 3 BIGGEST and WORST lies you’ve been told about money that sabotage your desire to achieve financial abundance.
  • Why everything your teachers, lecturers, and your parents taught you about houses, assets, and liabilities is completely WRONG and why their ideas might cost you more than $100.000.
  • A secret backdoor way to make money fast WITHOUT getting a degree and WITHOUT learning a new skill (WARNING: The only thing that’s holding you back is your ego).
  • 97% of men believe that goals are the FASTEST and most EFFICIENT way to achieve what you want in life, right? Wrong! (There’s something that’s way more powerful than any goal or goal setting strategy).
  • The incredible and quite unbelievable secret from one of the most famous YouTube millionaires that allows you to LIVE FOR FREE in your dream house.

Achieve sensual mastery of an Ageless Warrior:

  • How to satisfy any woman you want EVERY TIME by using a simple exercise that increases your “bedroom strength” (You almost can’t help but make even the most innocent and prude women addicted to you).
  • The one realization about the similarity of your MUSCLES and your "friend in your pants" that might have allowed Warren Beatty to have more than 50 completely satisfied girlfriends and wives.
  • The #1 secret that makes NoFap activists scream “get him!” (But it makes you happier, more relaxed, and makes you last longer in bed).
  • How to use a simple combination of vitamins and food to regulate your hormone level and to last longer in bed (these specific vitamins and foods are so EASY to get).
  • How to dramatically boost your testosterone, your mood, and your desire by NOT consuming two poisonous things so many men consume DAILY.
  •  The one supplement I take every day that increased my stamina within 7 days of taking it (You can get it for a couple of bucks on Amazon).
  • The craziest tongue technique I ever used – Do this BEFORE you want to make a girl scream while you’re going down on her (She’ll call you her GOD).
  • The #1 worst mistake you can make when you want to increase your testosterone level (Making this mistake dramatically decreases the testosterone in your body).
  • How following the advice from a 2010 study in the Journal of Medicine can increase your stamina, performance AND cure premature ejaculation.
  • The #1 secret to ALWAYS maintain your "bedroom strength" when you’re in bed with a woman…even if you’re having a one-night stand with a beautiful Instagram model and you’re afraid to "explode" within seconds.

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